Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ha I just read this post on another board, thought I'd share it with you

" This market rally is a bull bus with 4 flat tires that the government is running along side of pumping air into the tires to keep it going. You know a steep hill....going down, is coming and they won't be able to keep up. And they will be left standing on the hill watching their bus go down without them.
Is that a good enough mental image of what I think of this rally?"

Pretty much sums it up, but this rally is the real deal because they are pumping so much money in the system, but to do that they have to devalue the dollar at the same time, if you make something more abundant and easier to get than the value of it has to go down. The system will eventually have to reset if they continue doing this, US will have to default on their debt.