Friday, November 27, 2009



Futures are getting smashed, as I said about a week ago to short anything above 1100 because 1070 will have to be met, well we just hit 1070 on the futures not too long ago.

Congrats for the ones that played this one!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dubai ----> Broke as a Joke

Well, well, Mr. Dubai, the classy fella sittin in the corner of the room, oh wait a minute all that jazz was bought on credit you say???

It was only a matter of time until this domino fell over, alot of banks gonna lose their shirts on this one, citigroup has 2 billion invested in it, thats more than their market cap will be once you take out all borrowed money thats in that stock.

Citi is actually one of the smaller investors that will be wiped out.

Wait a minute.... whats that, another bailout I hear, shouldn't be long until Bailout 2.0 comes to surface, I wonder where that money is going to flow into - Uh oh poor US dollar.... ;(

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Silver about to break thru 19

Long & Strong

Silver should head to 22-23 with ease, 50 will be major resistance

ABK about to go bust

Once it breaks 0.67 kiss it goodbye - down to 0.35 cents, then you can guess what will happen.

Monday, November 16, 2009

False confidence continues in the mainstream media

The corporatocracy needs a good holiday season hence you will see the media pumping up the market and pretending things are back to normal, confidence is the main key and fear is the main ingredient they use to try and manipulate the public.

These tend to work on the sheep people, the people that go day in day out the same old things going to work, buying the same corporate stamped food and making the government tons of cash from their free tax money the sheep provide.

The reality is the USD is losing more and more value everyday, people will start to notice they will have less money because of hidden taxes - inflation will slowly creep up and destroy any paper gains that are being noticed by the sheeple's 401K's, etc, etc.

Until interest rates are skyrocketing will will continue to have a false reality in the US markets, gold and silver are making new highs as the USD makes new lows, gold and silver are your true champions of truth.

Until next time... ;)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

US Stock Markets are actually crashing...

If you take the markets and price them in gold and silver the markets are actually crashing right now... the value of the US dollar losing more value than the markets are making up.

As gold and silver go up in value and the US dollar goes down and the market rises, the actual purchasing power of the US dollar is much less, your 401k's and retirement funds may look like they are gaining value but the hidden inflation on the US dollar is killing any value that it has. You will see this thru inflation with everyday items, food, housing, taxes.

The only way to rectify this problem is to take out all the leverage in the system, let the system crash to its "fair" state, this will put everything back on even ground and will properly value everything in the correct terms. Right now leverage bubble is being re-inflated by the FED printing massive amounts of ever growing worthless paper. This is why you see gold and silver keep going up in value. Gold and silver are the real money in the system they are always the true value of the economy, they are just underpriced or overpriced and eventually do their own accounting practices and revalue the market every so often. This is the process we are in now.

Eventually they will have to raise interest rates again once the dollar reaches its bottom and gold and silver are at their tops. If they keep the old ways of inflated the market with worthless USD then we should see the USD go very low and the stock market could possibly go to new highs within the next several years, gold and silver will top out as this happens right before they start to raise interest rates to get investment back into the USD.

There is a trick if a massive scare happens in the public and the world then we could have a panic selling of the USD and we could see a phenomenon happen, we could see massive spikes in silver and gold, im talking about silver going to $800 a ounce (back to its all-time highs back in 1477), this scenario I would see a new currency coming in and taking over the USD, something along the lines of the Amero, similar to what happened with the Euro.

Monday, November 9, 2009

1089 holding so far, I mentioned this about 4 posts back...

If 1089 holds we could be putting in our top right here, we could go and see 1089 again on Nov20th. If 1089 breaks 1125 is possible to finish the 2nd wave rally since March of this year.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Market is putting in a nice head and shoulders...

Head and shoulders being put in on the S&P chart, we are developing the right head right now. Nov 20th should be a area for a top. Its also possible we are putting in 3 peaks and a domed house scenario.

I think we are going to be putting in point 27 on the diagram by Nov 20th.

Not sure if everyone has seen this...

This is extremely sad, DO NOT TAKE THE SWINE FLU SHOT

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Johnson & Johnson firing 7000 people

J&J Fires at Least 7000 as Consumer Spending Shrinks

Ya the economy is recovering really good, guys don't believe the lies you are hearing on mainstream media, these media companies are controlled by corporate lobbyists and paid to report whatever they are told to report.

When J&J fires this many people you know a recession is hitting hard.

Also Kraft revenue misses, cites Cadbury deal criteria, Kraft missing expectations is really bad news for the market.

Gold hit a new high today, you can see where people are putting more and more of their money, expecting a disconnect from the precious metals, the stock market and the US dollar before long, usually the markets goes down, the US dollar goes up and PM's go down. I think you will start to see US dollar going down as well as the markets, and alot of the money going into gold and silver, we will see them continue to go up and disconnect from the markets.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Was there any doubt????

The house of cards is falling apart, CIT largest lender to small, medium size businesses, this will halt major growth, the commercial real estate industry is imploding, this will take many more down with them.

This has to happen, debt levels are rising way higher than they should, these companies have to pay for taking these kinds of risks. The system needs a good rinse and repeat.

Down we gooooooo