Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another 200 dma buy

Another 200 day moving average play I did last week.

Great company & great future plus its come back off multi-year highs to hit the 200 day moving average.

Activision (ATVI)

It's down 16% since its highs.

Bought it at 11.66 right at the 200 day moving average last tuesday Nov 22nd.

This is most likely a long term hold which will get to 20 eventually in a few years.
Great future growth investment at a great price!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Investment advice on Groupon's new stock offering

I've been posting about Groupon on my Facebook page for a few months now.

Basically it's not a good investment at this time, I predicted it would pop about 20-30% on its IPO yesterday on my Facebook page :

More bad news for Groupon stock, but I'm sure it will go way up 20-30% tomorrow when it debuts regardless of how horrible its balance sheet is...  (Posted this November 3rd at 8:45pm)"

The IPO came out on friday and what do you know Groupon popped & closed up 30%!
Can't get a much closer prediction than that!

exactly what I said a few months back! Don't touch this stock after the ipo. I will be shorting it after the original pop. Don't get left holding the bag, use a professional advisor  (Posted this October 29 at 9:52am)" 

With the 30% pop today this puts Groupon's value at something close to 15 billion dollars!   This is outrageous as Groupon has not even made a dime in profit yet.  But its being valued more than Research in Motion and almost the same price as Yahoo??   Or double the value of Tim Hortons in the states?  Or how about the same value as Adobe?   Complete nonsense.   I'm getting sick of the fraud on wall street/banks these days but this creates a opportunity to make money as the price is way overvalued at this point.

I would definitely stay away from this company until they are at least making a decent profit and get out of debt and also with a market cap of around 2-3 billion then I would take a serious look at putting my money into it.

Also if you know how to short stocks (not for the amateur)  I would wait to see if we go make another run for $30 per share and double top up there and safe to hold a short sale up at that range, even now you could short if you are willing to hold onto a 5 dollar run up on it.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Made 10% on my investment in a week - this is how

This was a classic trade in which I made 10% on my investment in a week.

The setup was PAA (Pan American Silver Corp)

If you follow charts you can see PAA has found support at its 200 day moving average for the past few months, this is a strong buy signal when you see this.  So I purchased it the other day when it was at its 200 day moving average this is the exact time and date and price :

2011-10-19, 14:05:12    $27.55 per share

I will most likely sell it tomorrow over $30, I was planning on taking a quick 10% return so I will stick to my plan. (Never get greedy)

PAA hit 30.83 today and settled at 30.20 by the end of the day, if I get 30.30 tomorrow I will have made exactly 10% return since last wednesday the 19th of October.   This is 10% return in 7 days.

If PAA opens up lower I will wait until it comes back to touch the 50 day moving average @ my 30.30 price point which may take another few days.

Although I don't do these trades that often because they have to be almost near perfect setups to execute these short term trades.   

*Disclaimer - Don't try this at home unless you know what you are doing or have lots of experience with buying and selling securities. (Most day traders go bankrupt because the human mind is more susceptible to fear and greed which in the long run will catch up to the undisciplined trader.)

To be successful in the market you have to have plans 
and to stick those plans no matter what.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Word Of The Day:

seigniorage :  the profit taken from the printing of paper money 

It costs the federal reserve (a private bank) 7¢ to print a US $100 bill. 
Cost for the average worker to obtain a $100 bill is 6 hours of labour...

In Canada it cost the Bank of Canada 5¢ on average for every $20 Canadian Bank Note

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Apple should buy RIM... & here's why

Apple should buy Research in Motion, the stock has been hammered the past 6 months its down 55% to 12.5 billion market cap, this company use to be over 60 billion back before the bubble burst in 2008! That's a great deal!

 Research in Motion the makers of Blackberry are on fire sale prices when you consider the corporate accounts and patents they have - the exact thing Apple needs to grow their corporate market share with the iPhone. (Why not take over the biggest player in this market?)

Apple could easily buy them up and still have 60 billion or so left over for future endevours. Apple could phase out the Blackberry and take over the BES system and combine it into iPhone system. Let's face it the main profit driver for RIM is the BES system and corporate accounts that are tied with it.

I say offer them a clean 15 billion tomorrow!
Let's go Mr. Cook, make your first big move as head of Apple.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Apple rules the world?

After you read this you might just think so!

With $76 billion in "cash" (or cash equivalents and securities), Apple has enough money in the bank to purchase Goldman Sachs at its current market value ... and still have change left over to buy LinkedIn and Twitter. Seriously.

Apple posted record high quarterly revenues of $28.57 billion and record high quarterly profits of $7.31 billion as iPad and iPhone sales enjoyed triple-digit growth. It's a day full of superlatives for the Cupertino kids. The Wall Street Journal's Dennis K. Berman notes on Twitter, "Apple now has $78 billion of cash in the bank*. That's worth more than all of Goldman Sachs, market value $65 billion."

*Apple said on a conference call that the company had only $76.2 billion in the bank. The increase of over $10 billion still has the company comfortably ahead of Goldman, though. Should Goldman ever wish to cash out, Apple could afford to buy them at their current market cap and still have billions left over.

I remember awhile back xTrends "guru" Atilla said that Apple was going back to $7 dollars a share... lmao.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

BIT about to bite?

(BIT) Borsa Italian Stock Exchange will be a major one to fall apart. Watching the markets you can see that the Italian Stock Exchange is having major problems. I am predicting this will be the next major european country that will have to get bailed out.

If you have the means you could short Italian stocks to profit from this. Precious metals will go higher as more countries need to be bailed out.

Here are some great Italy short plays if you can get them :

Intesa Sanpaolo Spa (ADR) (Public, PINK:ISNPY)
Mediaset (ADR) (Public, PINK:MDIUY)


Monday, May 16, 2011

US Government dipping into tax payer pensions to fund Government operations

I've been mentioning that the pension cutbacks and retirement plans that have been modified in the ailing countries in Europe etc, would come to North America, well here it is :


So more taxes, higher inflation and now retirement plans stolen from the worker, whats next?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Posted this back in November 2010


"Folks I'm not taking profits on my silver that I started accumulating in early 2009, we will see $50/ounce guaranteed and then $100 ounce and I think we could finally top out over $200 a ounce pretty easily before this bubble pops.

In no way is silver in a bubble right now but when its get to over 200-300 a ounce is when profit taking should take place. Even at $50 I would take some profits before accumulating more for the blow off top later around 2015"

Predicted this on my blog back in November 2010 when silver was at 25 dollars per ounce.

I hope all my readers profited nicely from it, cheers!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

China bypassing the US Comex

If you haven't heard China is opening their own Commodities Exchange bypassing the corruption in the US Commodity Exchange.

It will be opening next tuesday in 9 days!


The Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange (HKMEx) has received authorisation from the Securities and Futures Commission and will make its trading debut on May 18, 2011

The ATS authorisation grants HKMEx the right to offer market participants, through its member firms, the use of its state-of-the-art electronic platform to trade commodities. The Exchange will begin trading with at least 16 members including some of the world’s largest financial institutions as well as several well-established brokerages in Hong Kong.

“We are very excited about this historic day. It allows us to establish a liquid and vibrant international commodities exchange based in Hong Kong, linking China with the rest of Asia and the world,” said Barry Cheung, chairman of HKMEx. “Global demand for core commodities has in recent years been driven by Asia, especially China and India. However, market participants in the region have had to rely on Western exchanges for price discovery, bearing the basis risk exposure in the process. Our new platform will offer Asia a bigger say in setting global commodity prices. It will also enable market participants to more actively manage their risk exposures, using products tailored to Asian market needs.”

Now silver will find its real price! Make sure you buy on this dip if you haven't already, anything near 30 is a great buy, they had to raise margins to drop the paper price, physical price hasn't dropped much, still people are paying over $40 an ounce for physical!

With silver being traded "freely" on the Chinese Comex we should see silver find its true value for once, I'm guessing it will be slow start at first but eventually we should be getting close to $75-100 per ounce

Keep on stackin'

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sell in May & Go Away

Right on schedule, May 1st, Osama Bin Laden is dead and market tanks and hasn't looked back

Silver down 30% being the top performer for over a year 30% is a nice haircut either way, but it healthy long term for silver. Buy near 30 and under if you can get it. Expect 75-80 on the next run up. Reason why silver has dropped so fast is that the Commodities Exchange has placed higher margin limits on traders in the futures market, alot of speculators have been "kicked out" of the silver trade because they do not have enough money to cover their margin (borrowing) accounts. This is also very healthy for silver long term, less speculators the better for sustainable real growth in any asset.

Lil tid bit of info Adolf Hitler was declared dead on May 1st about 65 years ago or so. Nice coincidence.

Obama needs to stay in office I guess for another term, Ron Paul is gaining ground so the powers at be are hanging on by a mere thread, any news is good news for Obama at this point.

All commodities hammered since start of May except for orange juice, go figure.

Remember the quicker and harder they fall the more important they will be on the next major rally. Silver totally led the way down last sunday in Hong Kong. Expect silver to be a huge gainer throughout the remainder of the year after this correction commences.

Who said war was a bad thing, if your a oil company leader or defence contractor you have made millions off of the war, no wonder when they "declared" Bin Laden dead oil has dropped over 15% and the stock market hasn't made a up day since.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Money will be backed by gold in a few years. This has happened in the past, read this to understand and prepare yourself...

Back in the old days you could buy a gallon of gasoline for a quarter. Well nowadays you can buy a gallon of gasoline with a quarter too. You must be thinking I am crazy but its true, that's if you had a silver quarter in your pocket.

In the old days... pre 1968 era our currency was made out of precious metals. Mainly silver in Canada and around the world. After 1968 in Canada the government began to make the currency out of less valuable materials like nickel and copper, now todays coins are made out of steel - even more worthless.

A silver quarter can still buy you a gallon of gasoline today, the exact same as it did back in the old days when we were on a "gold standard". This means our money was actually made and backed by gold and silver precious metals.

Since coming off the gold standard about 50 years ago, the debt's of nations and the people have been piling up and growing at exponential rates.

Debt-to-GDP ratio

Once the link between gold and money was non-existant the banks were able to "print" as much money as they wanted, this has destroyed the value of paper money nowadays. Inflation is stealing any savings that is accumulated over the years. You can see as money becomes less scarce as in the case of "paper" money - debts become uncontrollable and we have problems like we had back in 2008 when the total economy collapses because bubbles are formed in different sectors of the economy. Housing in the case of 2008.

So what does this all mean? If you take a look at the next chart it shows you the price of the S&P 500 in terms of gold. Not in terms of US dollars.

S&P 500 priced in GOLD

As you can see the stock market has been going down for close to 10 years now when you price it in gold. In silver it has went down even further!

In conclusion you have solid proof that the value of your paper dollars is actually losing value everyday because simply there are more of them to go around and they are not backed by anything with value.

The only way to protect yourself is to invest your money in things that appreciate in real terms

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Posted this back on Feb 10th 2011


"Knight Capital has released a sovereign roadmap Catalyst Calendar which is a must read for anyone who trades with more than a 15 millisecond eye on the markets. And while everyone is now focused on what is going on with the Chinese tightening regime (with expectations of two-three more liquidity tightening steps over the next several months) with much speculating over just how priced in all this is (not much if one looks as the Bombay Sensex or even the SHCOMP for that matter), the real focal point should once again be on Europe. The reason: March is coming fast, and March will likely be the cruellest month for Europe, and possibly for the stock markets, and serve as the catalyst to introduce QE3 in all its glory"

I believe Japan's market will finally bottom after this aftermath and complete it final bear market low that has been occurring for 11 years this April.

I would be a big buyer of Japan at about 7700 on the Nikkei, which will give it its double bottom pattern. This is about 16% lower on Japan's index from here, or 7% from yesterday's low in the Nikkei.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Faber says US dollar to go to ZERO in 10 years

I'd say probably eight or nine years to coincide with the end of the Kondratieff winter wave.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I've stated in the past....

Just got back from PDAC here in Toronto. Let's just say it was very busy.

Silver has just broken $36 ounce. I started accumulating it after the crash in '08 at $13/oz

I like physical I think its the ultimate storage of wealth and investment at this point, and its insurance in case the dollar falls out of power.

I stated while back that silver should have a blowoff top around $200-$300 per ounce, my estimate is now $300+ for a final top in silver.

I think we could see this around 2015, but it may come sooner than later

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Do not own SLV, buy physical!


Friend on youtube has proven manipulation in the American Silver Exchange Traded Fund (SLV)

Buy Physical folks!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bernanke caught lying again

Ben Bernanke: Rising gasoline prices don't pose a threat to the US recovery


This guy seriously lives in a fantasy world.

Saudi Arabia stock market plunges 7% yesterday :


Thursday, February 10, 2011

$10k invested in Apple in 2003 would be worth over $500k today

$10k invested in Apple in 2003 would be worth over $500k today

Not bad at all, I remember Atilla over @ xTrends said Apple was going to $7 bucks a share about a year ago. - Not even close!

March Madness - and no I'm not talking about basketball

Knight Capital has released a sovereign roadmap Catalyst Calendar which is a must read for anyone who trades with more than a 15 millisecond eye on the markets. And while everyone is now focused on what is going on with the Chinese tightening regime (with expectations of two-three more liquidity tightening steps over the next several months) with much speculating over just how priced in all this is (not much if one looks as the Bombay Sensex or even the SHCOMP for that matter), the real focal point should once again be on Europe. The reason: March is coming fast, and March will likely be the cruellest month for Europe, and possibly for the stock markets, and serve as the catalyst to introduce QE3 in all its glory.

Why March?

From Knight Capital...

March Madness -Political Risk Is High and Rising

Funny thing about democracies is the feedback loop between electorates and national policy
Policy risk remains tethered to national, and even regional political risk across the European Union
Higher risk within coalition governments
Breakdown of coalition (i.e. Ireland) can lead to snap elections and uncertainty around policy action
Two primary sources of political risk as it relates to the Euro sovereign crisis
Stressed states (periphery Europe) lose the electoral support to carry out reforms, trim deficits, and curtail debt
Core Europe or payer states (e.g. Germany) lose electoral support to bail out Peripheral Europe or debtor states
EurozonePolitical Sound Bites:
“We believe that Ireland may be left with no option, in the absence of a renegotiated deal, but to write down the value of the bonds in the Irish banks or face the prospect of a hugely damaging sovereign default”
Fine Gael, Irish Opposition Party, February 2, 2011
“62% of [German] voters oppose further bail-outs of weak euro members….”
The Economist, January 13, 2010
“49% of Germans would like to have a return of the D Mark”
YouGovInsitute, December 26, 2010
It may be “useful for the €440 billion European Financial Stability Facility to buy government bonds”
Jean-Claude Trichet, January 26, 2011


Monday, February 7, 2011

Food prices hit all time highs

Commodity food prices have hit new all-time highs. It can take up to 10 months for commodity's prices from the stock market to hit the grocery stores. Expecting food prices to be raised in 2011

Double up 666 to 1332

Tad bit overbought here, thanks Bernake for the record price level of food to all time high!
When in a bubble, just make it bigger! is the feds response

Canadian dollar now worth 3 cents more than the US dollar, and it will continue

On other points check this video out, extremely interesting if you are remotely engaged by science and power


Thursday, January 27, 2011


Caterpillar Inc. up over 300% since the bottom of March 2009

Joy Global up over 400%

Bucyrus was bought out by CAT it was well over 500%