Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hey I'm back...

I was away all weekend, and Monday was a holiday here in Canada.

So we have broke 1K, I am not surprised, I believe we are putting in the top this week, and if you do not have shorts you will not be greatly awarded, at this point we cannot sustain this pace of rally, whenever you have huge ramp jobs they always fail, look at history.

So Sol over @ Xtrends blew up his account, and I'm sure Atilla has too, he just doesn't have the cohones to say it. I told them to go long after the 666 bottom and that we would most likely go to 999, but they didn't believe me and banned me from their website. Always take precautions when gambling with large amounts of money, the market will make and break people over the course of their lives (doesn't matter who it is, traders will always have to be humble to come out alive)