Friday, January 22, 2010

Don't forget I said all these gains made in past 6 months can get taken away in weeks!

This is the start of the next down leg folks, 1150 was it for awhile
I'd be heavily short on the next bounce up, if you are not already!

Sh*t is hitting the fan here folks, the market is tanking on various things that are going to upset this global credit market

Bernanke may not be voted in again, this is big.

Fannie & Freddie may be dismantled, this is amazing news.

Obama's bank plans are already starting to crater the market.

Inflated earnings are out for the finances due to layoffs and cost savings. Next earnings will be decimated because no one has a job to buy anything. This is a one time thing boost in the market here.

Interest rates will be rising soon, the war will be over soon, this is extremely bad for the stock market.

Remember the market makers are fulfilling their long term goals via the stock market 6 months in advance, (as per the war ending and rates rising)