Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sell in May & Go Away

Right on schedule, May 1st, Osama Bin Laden is dead and market tanks and hasn't looked back

Silver down 30% being the top performer for over a year 30% is a nice haircut either way, but it healthy long term for silver. Buy near 30 and under if you can get it. Expect 75-80 on the next run up. Reason why silver has dropped so fast is that the Commodities Exchange has placed higher margin limits on traders in the futures market, alot of speculators have been "kicked out" of the silver trade because they do not have enough money to cover their margin (borrowing) accounts. This is also very healthy for silver long term, less speculators the better for sustainable real growth in any asset.

Lil tid bit of info Adolf Hitler was declared dead on May 1st about 65 years ago or so. Nice coincidence.

Obama needs to stay in office I guess for another term, Ron Paul is gaining ground so the powers at be are hanging on by a mere thread, any news is good news for Obama at this point.

All commodities hammered since start of May except for orange juice, go figure.

Remember the quicker and harder they fall the more important they will be on the next major rally. Silver totally led the way down last sunday in Hong Kong. Expect silver to be a huge gainer throughout the remainder of the year after this correction commences.

Who said war was a bad thing, if your a oil company leader or defence contractor you have made millions off of the war, no wonder when they "declared" Bin Laden dead oil has dropped over 15% and the stock market hasn't made a up day since.