Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Johnson & Johnson firing 7000 people

J&J Fires at Least 7000 as Consumer Spending Shrinks

Ya the economy is recovering really good, guys don't believe the lies you are hearing on mainstream media, these media companies are controlled by corporate lobbyists and paid to report whatever they are told to report.

When J&J fires this many people you know a recession is hitting hard.

Also Kraft revenue misses, cites Cadbury deal criteria, Kraft missing expectations is really bad news for the market.

Gold hit a new high today, you can see where people are putting more and more of their money, expecting a disconnect from the precious metals, the stock market and the US dollar before long, usually the markets goes down, the US dollar goes up and PM's go down. I think you will start to see US dollar going down as well as the markets, and alot of the money going into gold and silver, we will see them continue to go up and disconnect from the markets.