Monday, November 16, 2009

False confidence continues in the mainstream media

The corporatocracy needs a good holiday season hence you will see the media pumping up the market and pretending things are back to normal, confidence is the main key and fear is the main ingredient they use to try and manipulate the public.

These tend to work on the sheep people, the people that go day in day out the same old things going to work, buying the same corporate stamped food and making the government tons of cash from their free tax money the sheep provide.

The reality is the USD is losing more and more value everyday, people will start to notice they will have less money because of hidden taxes - inflation will slowly creep up and destroy any paper gains that are being noticed by the sheeple's 401K's, etc, etc.

Until interest rates are skyrocketing will will continue to have a false reality in the US markets, gold and silver are making new highs as the USD makes new lows, gold and silver are your true champions of truth.

Until next time... ;)