Sunday, June 14, 2009

atilla bans me from his blog?

Wow whats wrong with this guy, can you say he is just a bit sour for missing the big rally from 666?

Oh well his loss

So I will be posting my thoughts on the market here on for now I guess

Enjoy whoever reads :)


  1. good deal I will be following you....

  2. thx man can you post this link on atillas blog, i had alot of ppl that were following my calls but wonder where i went

    would really appreciate it cause i cant post there anymore, he banned me

  3. You sure made a grate call to go long after 66X. Wish you all the success in the market and your blog..

  4. thanks Steve! All the best for you too

  5. Wishing you all the best with your new blog!
    I'll be checking in often!

    Do you plan to enable DISCUS comment system here?
    With it you'll see all familiar names here.

  6. dreamdaily can you help me out in enabling the DISCUS system

  7. Mr. L,
    As always bang on. Xtrends lost a balanced voice. Will be following here. Keep up the great work.