Monday, June 15, 2009

Thanks everyone for the comments and support you guys rock!

So big correction right on schedule this week, the TARP funds are beginning to be paid back this week so you should see a fairly big correction starting on monday, I am holding FAZ right now, I'm expecting it to get above $8 bucks. I will hold as long as it takes. I still have a few dividend paying stocks that I will just hold, I've had them for years and doing good on the dividends and they are up still even with the crash. I sold off my Apple and Google, I want to get back in them but I will wait until I see far lower prices. I'm holding a fair amount of small caps still, some have made 500% gains since the March lows, I have sold off a few, I also just repurchased some First Nickel, they are a great up and coming mining company in Canada here, we have the best new talent for mining companies around the world, Canada is very lush with minerals and metals and oil sands also. I believe the next major bubble in the stock market with be a commodities bubble and silver leading the way under gold's shadow... what do you guys think?