Monday, June 22, 2009

This post is not meant to spread fear or anything... I am just releasing information & giving an opinion

Ok so July 4th is a major holiday for the U.S., this is when major news or events usually happen and the public is "occupied" to not take-in what's really going on. For example the government passing a bill with drastic measures or a ill-fate attack on a country and so forth.

Did you know that Mexico has legalized drugs for personal use? This is true, and I bet you 95% of Americans & Canadians even, DO NOT know this fact. The mexican government approved this law on the same day the Swine flu was released to the public media. Its a tactical way to keep the public in "sheep" format, keep them inline and non-oppressive.

I do not want to scare people or be called a fear mongerer but I would be prepared to keep a eye out for any major events that are dumbed down during the July 4th holiday. Iran is in a full state of protest right now as the people do not agree with the recently appointed President on the June 12th election day. The people know the election was rigged to keep power in the hands of the elite. American news is spreading that North Korea is expecting a US planned attack on them. Things are very dicey on the world scale; keep a eye out during next weekends holiday and stay away from major crowds in my opinion.

This "news" that may occur could be a major catalyst for the stock market to fall off a cliff once again. (as I said in a older post the market should start selling off before this event actually takes place, the stock market has been going down ever since June 12th after the Iranian elections.)